About us


A tiny fist grasping your finger, eyelids heavy with sleep, the first steps of uncertain feet. Your child is uniquely perfect and uniquely yours. From the moment you learned she was entering your life, she has become your world.

At Bel Bambino, we offer a space for you to craft your child’s early life to be as unique and beautiful as they are. Childhood is fleeting; let us help you make lasting memories to cherish.

Our chic and exclusive selection of highly-crafted furniture, bedding, and decor will guide any new parent to create not just a room for their baby, but a fashionable nursery to envy.

Browse our boutique-style clothing, shoes, and accessories to outfit your child in premium fabrics and trendy styles you don’t need to be in a big city to find. We have brought that home for you.

Grandparents will gush over our high-end well-crafted toys and gifts, made from quality materials and given with love.

Our professional designers and skillful staff are on hand for any of your bedding, furniture, or clothing needs. With our exclusive designs, unique gifts and boutique-style clothing, let Bel Bambino be the place to create the perfect experience for your little one’s fleeting moments.

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